Tuesday, January 3, 2012

various thoughts and photos from the past several days

~Kristin Chenoweth is tiny and beautiful and has an amazing voice.  And I like her even more after she  got into the spirit of things by sporting the Thunder colors when she sang the national anthem for last Thursday's game!


~Meeting Twitter friends in real life is pretty cool.  Even cooler?  Meeting them randomly at a Thunder game!  You rock, Stacey!


~He's my fave!:)


~A good fortune to get right before the start of a new year, yes? :)  {And my nails look terrible here.  Yikes.}


~When I was in Iowa for Christmas, my grandma {who I am pretty much a carbon copy of} and I did a little shopping together.  She bought me this amazing necklace for my birthday.  She even had them gift wrap it for me, with me standing there.  Love her, love this necklace! :)


~I have really pretty friends who are beautiful on the inside, too!  Here are some fab ladies who joined me on my birthday to watch the New Year's Eve movie.  I wore gold for my golden birthday: 31 on the 31st plus NYE, woohoo! :)


~I love dressing up!  {Still my birthday, so more gold.}


~This is the fanciest I've ever dressed for a Thunder game! :)


~I got a streamer from a proposal that took place a few rows behind me during the game.  I feel like this could possibly be a good omen for my love life in 2012.  Also, I'm knocking on wood now so as not to jinx myself! ;)


~Awww!  {I debated the rightness of posting a pic of some unknown child, but I figured since he's in disguise that it's okay. ;)}


~My nephews do a really good job of making me feel loved!



~I refrained from using photoshop to suck in my chin in the following pic.. :)


~I think I was born on the right holiday..


~My awesome-birthday-weekend-high sort of came crashing to a halt on Sunday night, when my sister and nephews returned from church and a trip to the store to find that their house had been broken into.. :(


~Thieves suck.  They took two tv's and two laptops, a PlayStation 3, my old camera and a lens of mine that my sis was borrowing, some dvd's, my sister's cell phone, and other items.  Oh, and my nephew's jar of change! :(  Jerks! 


~But God is good, all the time.  At least my sis and nephews weren't at home at the time of the robbery.  And they're safe, that's what really matters.

~Happy New Year, friends!


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  1. great post. loving you in that dress, photoshoot :)? miss ya lets get together soon, so I can take you to eat for your birthday!


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