Hello!  My name is Abi.  I am a blogger and photographer who lives in the hot and dusty delightful state of Oklahoma.  I am a single girl, and for now I live with my sister Amber, my niece Laila, and my brother Abe.  Family is obviously very important to me, so this arrangement works out nicely.
I am a girl living life and enjoying it.  God is my number One!  My family is big and crazy and I love them.  I am part of a wonderful church where I volunteer with the youth program.  My friends appreciate and encourage my craziness, thereby keeping me sane. ;) 
I adore getting lost in a good book, movie, television program, or magazine!  And going beyond adoration, I am absolutely addicted to reading blogs--mostly of the fashion and home decor variety.  My favorite color is green.  A good thrift store or garage sale with rows and piles of stuff exhilarates me!  I enjoy creating...whether it be a lovely portrait, a fun accessory, or a charming flower arrangement.  Viewing the world through the lens of my camera has shaped the person I am.
In 2009, I lost my younger brother Jack, who was serving as a Green Beret in the Special Forces.  This event altered my life and is part of the reason I wanted to start this new {and more personal} blog.
My old blog, which you can view here, documented mostly just the photo sessions I did; but with this blog, I want to dive into the world of full-on personal blogging!  I will still feature photography sessions, but I want to dig deeper and share more.  Please join me...

This is my family at a memorial wall with Jack's name on it.  {When my sister and I were looking at this photo, we remarked how it seems strange that we are all smiling.  This was definitely an emotional day for all of us.  I guess it's just instinct to smile in pictures.  Weird but normal.}

This is the last photo of Jack and me together.

Me and my beautiful sisters...
IMG_6068  IMG_5109

My precious niece and nephews...

And me with some of the most incredible friends anyone could have!

_MG_3415  _MG_3414