Wednesday, January 11, 2012

thrift thriving ~ my new laptop bag

So, the other day I stopped by Goodwill, as I often do on my lunch break.  The very cute laptop bag I had been carrying {a gift from my mama last Christmas} was falling apart, so I was excited to see this cute orange bag for less than ten dollars.  It also looked like it had never been used.  Score!


Check out all the useful pockets inside, too.  For all my useful stuff.  Or junk.  It's whatev.



And filled with all my goodies...


Here's a shot of me wearing it, taken in my office.  {Check out some of the cool stuff on my bulletin board! :)}


I was curious about the original cost of a bag like this.  So I did a quick Google search, and ended up on the Target website -- where I found you can purchase this bag for eighty bucks.  Nice!  :)

Picture 5

I also found a really cute bag the other day that I will be using as a camera bag.  I'll post pix of it soon.

And here are a few thrifting tips, just for fun:
~Stop by often
Find one or two thrift stores close to where you work or live, and get in the habit of dropping in to browse.  I do this on my lunch break all the time.  Thrift stores are constantly putting new stuff out, so the more you're there, the better your chances of finding some great stuff.
~Try on everything
The other day, I bought three shirts in three different sizes.  Due to the wide variety of clothing age {can clothing have an age?} and name brands, sizes obviously will vary greatly at thrift stores, and you should always try stuff on before buying.  I mean, it's not like you can return it, you know.
~Go after the holidays
At the beginning of the year, people are getting rid of old stuff to make room for new items and clothing.  Or sometimes people even donate new items that they maybe didn't have on their Christmas list.  Silly people.  Lucky me. :)



  1. I am so in love with your laptop bag!!!! And I must say it's a huge inspiration for me to start thrifting!

  2. This is such a great laptop bag you found! You should check out this stylish bag also:


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