Friday, January 20, 2012

my favorite fashion sites

As I might have previously mentioned here about eighty-two times, I am a reader of blogs.  Just for fun today, I thought I'd share my three favorite style bloggers.  Just in case you need some inspiration for what to wear this weekend. :)

First up is Blair Eadie at Atlantic-Pacific.  I absolutely love the way that Blair fearlessly mixes patterns, adds layers, and uses color.  She can rock a downtown cool girl look or a sophisticated lady outfit.  Blair also wears stacks of bracelets at all times, which of course makes me love her style that much more!

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Next is Keiko Lynn.  Keiko is adorable and seems so sweet and fun that I want to be friends with her in real life.  :)  All of her posts are great, but I especially love her makeup and hair tutorials!  She is not afraid to play around with some bright, bold makeup shades, yet she manages to still look fab instead of overdone.

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And, last but not least, is the well known and totally legit street style blogger Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist.  If you aren't at least vaguely familiar with his name, you must live under a very unfashionable rock! ;)  Scott set the standard for street style bloggers, in my opinion.  His eye for style is spot on, and his photos are always perfectly executed!  I could gush a little more, but really, you should just spend some time browsing his site...on a weekly basis. :)  {Oh, and p.s.  Guys, he features lots of well dressed gentlemen, so this site is for you, too!}

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So there you go: my three go-to sites for some fashion inspiration!  Here's to a well-dressed weekend, friends!  Happy Friday!


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  1. I don't visit it enough, but I love the Sartorialist. I'm digging Keiko Lynn too. Thanks for the share!


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