Thursday, November 3, 2011

sometimes i am in front of the camera

Even before I turned thirty, I knew I wanted to have a shoot done of myself, documenting me as a thirty year old.  It took me about ten months to get it done, but I finally had my amazing friend and photographer of choice, Kelly Beane, take some photos of me. 

Here are a few faves, and there are more on my Facebook page.






Thank you for showcasing my sexier side. ;)  I love, love, love how all the photos turned out....THANK YOU!  You're the best!



  1. Abi! You're so incredibly beautiful!! Love each and every one of these photos! 30 looks GOOD on you!! And how can you be 30, you are younger than me? :)

    Sarah Nebel

  2. Abi, still to this day, I have a hard time believing that you are 30.... You are so beautiful. I honestly wish I could pull off photos like this...Can you send some of your confidence my way? Or teach me to do awesome make up....I'll give you free reign of my face!
    <3 ya!

  3. What an honor to photograph such a beautiful woman, inside and out!! You look amazing and I am so proud of how hard you've worked to be where you are today, in so many areas of your life. Love you!


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