Wednesday, November 16, 2011

it would be a fun job for you, i swear..

I think I would like a personal assistant for Christmas, please and thank you.  

If I had a personal assistant, these are the first tasks I would assign to him/her:

1~ Please go through all my old Facebook photos and delete all the unflattering shots of me.  {Yes, this is very narcissistic.  But maybe people who have personal assistants are narcissists.  Oh, and yes, I know that I am the one who posted all those pix in the first place.  Maybe I thought I looked cute in them when I posted them, but people change over time, right?  And their tastes change, too.  Hi, ex-boyfriends.  Haha, kidding.}

2~ Please go through all my blog posts and add appropriate labels.  {I always forget to do this.  I'm not very good at organizing.}

3~ Please iron my clothes for me when needed.  {Most of my clothing doesn't ever need ironed, at least in my opinion.  But even when it does, I just don't.  Check out my skirt in yesterday's post for a perfect example.  I should be embarrassed.  I'm not, really.}

4~ Please answer my phone for me whenever I don't want to answer it.  Also, please respond to all my photography emails and Facebook messages in a timely manner.  {Unlike my manner, which is untimely.}

5~ Please clean my room.  {That should keep you busy until this time next year.  At that point, we will review your progress and assign new duties.  Thanks.}



  1. Hahaha, I love you Abi Ruth! If only we could buy each other PAs, I could totally use one too!!

  2. I love you, Abi Ruth. . . hire me, hire me ;)

  3. This is hilarious.

    I was just telling Jeremy the other day that I can't wait until I make enough money to hire him to be my personal assistant. I need one in a major way.


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