Friday, November 4, 2011

kiss 'n' makeup ~ little pots of gold, er, eyeliner

This summer, in addition to earning lots of cash back rewards with my CVS Extra Care card, I also made some fun/invaluable discoveries.  For one, I found my intoxicating summer scent {mentioned in this post} at CVS.  And two, I discovered these little magical pots of eyeliner by Physicians Formula. 


To me, these might as well be little pots of gold: I value them that much!  See, I've always, always loved makeup.  I enjoy playing around with it and trying new colors and looks.  And I've always said that mascara is the single most essential makeup product to me.  Without it, I feel positively naked.  But this summer, I became an absolute eyeliner addict.  And not just any eyeliner, but thick, bold, somewhat obvious eyeliner.  And it's all thanks to these little pots of eyeliner. 


They come in sets of three colors for just eleven bucks.  I got the one that has one purple, one black, and one brown.  They also come with a little applicator brush.  {And they last forever!  I've worn one of these colors daily since purchasing this set at the beginning of this summer, and the little pots are still at least half full.  Also, this eyeliner stays put once applied!  It made it through our brutal summer days of 100+ degree heat, without streaking, smudging, or smearing.  Can you tell I l-o-v-e it??}


Let me tell you, I thought eyeliner was fun before; but now, I think it is necessary!  Along with bright blush and painted nails, strong eyeliner has become part of my beauty routine.  Eek.  Look what getting older is doing to me!  I'm telling you, I am so gonna be one of those little old ladies with purple hair, blue eyeshadow, coral cheeks, and hot pink lips.  And I will be fab-u-lous! :)


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