Wednesday, November 9, 2011

four random things, and one terrible thing

1~ I have lots of interesting and/or good theories on "true love"...just ask me sometime.

2~ I suck at remembering most things.  Unless it comes to winning an argument with a boy I like, and then I remember every single necessary detail.  Especially every word he said/didn't say.

3~ I never, ever "got" the phrase "for the birds" until the night before last, when I saw someone comment on my friend Meg's status on Facebook.  She had used that term in her status update, and someone commented saying, "Isn't that just a nice way of saying it's bullsh!t?"  And a light bulb went off in my mind.  I had never even thought about what that phrase might mean, never even questioned it.  I just assumed it meant that something was silly.  Because, you know, birds are silly..

 4~ Last night, a homeless man on a bike might have run into my car at a stoplight.  Or I might have sort of ran into him, I don't know.  I had just started to roll forward when the light turned green, and suddenly, there was this guy and this bike bouncing off the side of my car!  Go ahead, judge me.  I mean, it's terrible!!!  Who does that?!?  But to be honest, he did hit the side of my car, so I think he ran into me.  I was so stunned and horrified, that I wasn't sure what had just happened.  But he was still standing, his bike was up and he walked it in a circle to be sure it still functioned properly, and then he rode away.  Seriously.  I asked him if he was okay and if his bike was okay, and tried to make sure everything was fine.  I sat at the stoplight for at least three full minutes after that, in complete shock.  And I almost threw up.  But I guess he was okay.  Will you all say a little prayer for that guy and his bike right now, please?  And for me.  My heart rate still hasn't returned to normal. 

5~ Yesterday, I made some oatmeal for lunch.  And I added an apple that I chopped up myself.  Sounds sweet and domestic, huh?  Until I tell you that it was instant oatmeal.  And I used the office Keurig for the hot water.  Oh, and I chopped up the apple using an old, dull butter knife, because that's the only knife to be found in my office.  Which is probably a good thing on some days -- like days when I'm contemplating my theories on true love.  Or days when I am thinking about how I sort of ran into a homeless guy on a bike!!!!!  

I'm an awful, terrible person.



  1. You have a good heart.

  2. Abi honey, you truly make me smile!

  3. Ya kill me and I am oh so glad I could help ya figure out what for the birds meant ;P

  4. This a really good blog post... This writing style works for you. Uhh I say do this more and just take the time to write down your random moments and random stories.


  5. You crack me up sometimes Abi! I love your theories on things, they make me smile!


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