Friday, July 29, 2011

tomorrow i might die

Tomorrow, I will participate in my first ever race, The Dirty 30. This isn't just any run, it is a 5K with mud and 15 obstacles. People who claim to love me, convinced me that it would be "easy" and "fun"... Nevermind that I am not wasn't a runner. Or an obstacle doer. Or a mud person. Nevermind that I prefer 4 inch heels to cushy running shoes. Nevermind that in order to "train" for this run, I "became a runner" and started running during the Scorching Hot Summer From Hell of 2011 When Every Single Day Has Been Over 100 Degrees. Nevermind all of that. Because tomorrow, my one and only goal will be to FINISH! Without dying. After that, I can die happy...or proud. Or something.

Wish me luck and say some prayers for me!

Happy weekend!



  1. Woot woot!! You can do it!! I'll try to be there early just so Beau and I can cheer for you!! Good luck!!

  2. I can't imagine running in this heat. You are tough for sure. What a terrific accomplishment that will be! Wishing you luck and praying too! :)


  3. Yay You can do it! It should be a blast.. and think of how accomplished you'll feel afterward! Hopefully they've got ice in that mud though cause it's toasty this morning...


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