Tuesday, August 2, 2011

oh yeah: i survived

I really should have done this post yesterday, for those of you who were worried that I might not have lived through the Dirty 30 Race. ha.

I finished.

AND I had a blast! I seriously loved it! For real.

Here are some photos...


Side note/story: Back in the day when myspace and {myspace creeping} was where it was at, one of my awesome friends liked this guy, and he might or might not have liked this other girl. {We were never quite sure. ;)} Anyway, her headline {remember those, myspacers??} on her myspace page said: "I can run in heels." I told my friend, "Whatever, that's lame." And changed my headline to read: "I take out the trash in heels." Which is not lame, and is actually true. So anyway, I guess those phrases are imbedded in my brain and might have inspired the saying that I put on my shirt for the race...

The front said: "I run better in heels..."


These girls plus my friend Whitney Ray cheered me on during the race! Thanks, loves!

{my friend B, my sis Amber and my niece Laila}

{Randa, Megan, Jamie, me, Chelsea ~ Megan is in my LifeGroup and Jamie does my hair. Randa and Chelsea were friends of theirs who I just met that day, but as I've heard, you make friends quickly at races. :)}

Hey, check it out: I can scale a wall. It's not a big deal.


I dominated the mud pits. I mean, I really did. So fun!


Oh, we just walked through a pond. Also not a big deal. And pretty fun! :) {Actually, it felt great in the 100+ degree heat!}


I'm a poser. It's what I do.



Yes, we choreographed our finish line flourish. :)


Showing off our sweet medals! I bit mine, because that's what they do in the Olympics when they win, right?


Dirty girl!



This is my memorial tattoo for my brother Jack. He definitely would have been so impressed with me and proud of me for doing this run!


A sort of shower and a few beers were the perfect ending to this super fun race!


Thanks to the lovely ladies who ran this with me! I had so much fun, and I can't wait for the next one! Uh oh.. I think I got tricked into becoming a runner! :)



  1. Great post... Enjoyed the write up... Awesome pics.... Congrats on completion.

    Made me remember my run.

  2. Thanks so much for posting! Some people from my lifegroup did this.. I thought it sounded like a blast (maybe if I wasn't, you know, 9 months pregnant). I was really curious to see what kind of obstacles there were... looks like you conquered them all! I'll be looking for this next year!

  3. Ahhh, you know I am sooooo proud of you and I have to do this with you next year. Keep it up my friend! You're fabulous!


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