Monday, July 25, 2011

my friend k is so beautiful

For months, I have wanted to do a photo shoot of my friend Kristie {better known as K}. And not just any shoot, but I wanted to do a rockstar-ish shoot in her cool apartment over in the Plaza District {my fave area of OKC}. So, i begged her to pose for me. And to let me do her makeup and pick out her outfits. I love it when my friends oblige my ideas and requests.

I am working on editing her photos for her today {my poor friends have to wait patiently while I edit actual jobs first, haha}, and this one jumped out at me. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite from our whole shoot, but I haven't finished them all yet, so we'll see.

This look was definitely more movie star hot than rock star hot, but really "gorgeous" is always my ultimate goal when it comes to portraits, so I'm super happy with this. :)


You're so pretty, K!


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