Wednesday, July 27, 2011

have you ever eaten here?

This place is awesome! It is down by the Wildlife Refuge in Lawton, OK. And it is so worth the drive if you haven't been there!

Seriously, it's very good. And has so much atmosphere. And you can see some bison nearby, so that's fun, too.


{And now, you get a peek into how my mind works. Not that any of you want that insight. But nevertheless... Today, I was struggling with what to blog about... And randomly, on my lunch break, a mortuary caught my eye for some reason. Instantly, my mind went back to the time surrounding the death of my brother. When I got back to the office, I was looking through some of the photos I took on the one year anniversary of his death. My family went to the Wildlife Refuge and spent the day hiking and sitting and talking about Jack. And we ate dinner at Meers. That's when I took the above photo. So that's how this blog post came to be.}


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