Wednesday, July 6, 2011

narcissism rocks

Happy July, everyone! Oh, what's that? We're already six days into July? Oh well, you know me: always late.

Did you all have an awesome time celebrating Independence Day? I pretty much did. I got to sleep in and lay out - which was admittedly a little bit miserable, considering that I was not laying out by a pool, and it was literally over 100 degrees outside! But the sleeping in part was nice. And I was determined to lay out, since it's summer, y'all, and I had the day off work. So I felt like I should lay out. Anyway, we've covered that. Let's move on...

I also did some shopping {always good for the heart} for some running shoes {also good for the heart, but in a different way}. And I met up with my friend B for some delicious Pink Swirls. {Again, good for the soul, good for the body. Because I only ever put fruit on my fro-yo, for real! :)} Then, I picked up one of my awesome Switch girls, Shakari, and we met up with my friend Aymee and her daughter Micaliah {another of my Switch girls} at the Bethany Freedom Fest. We walked around and ate some carnival food {not so good for the body, but it's okay because it was a thousand degrees out, so I'm sure we sweated off all the calories}. Finally, we met up with my crazy, wonderful family and watched the loud, sparkly fireworks display.

It was a good day.

And because everyone knows that blog posts are better if they include a photo....and because I am apparently a little narcissistic and like to post photos of's a photo of me on July 3rd, sporting patriotic colors. :)



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