Friday, March 4, 2011

no and my clumsy ways

Today, i will do two blog posts, since I had been working on one yesterday that I didn't get finished. That one will go up later. For now, I would like to talk about myself a bit. It's what I do around here.

This morning, as I was carrying my filled-to-the-brim coffee cup to my desk, I mentally congratulated myself for not spilling. That's because, more often than not, I do spill. Or trip, fall, hit my shin, stub my toe, etc. And not just when carrying a hot, spill-able beverage. No, I do all the aforementioned at any given time, everywhere.

I am clumsy.

And that got me thinking: People who read my blog might not know this about me. And in the interest of keeping it real, being an open book, and generally having no shame whatsoever, I thought maybe I would do some random posts divulging facts about myself that you all are dying to know. {Sarcasm, folks. But that's another post.}

Last Sunday afternoon, I had just finished up a photo shoot of a lovely girl named Lisa. We were doing headshots of her in the Paseo District. And as we walked back to our cars, I walked directly into a curb...and fell down. I didn't just stumble, or almost fall. No, I sat on the curb. And not gracefully. It was a weird, slow motion fall, where I desperately grabbed at the bushes next to the curb and tried to prevent the fall. It didn't work. But no worries, I was fine. Not a scrape or a bruise, and I didn't even drop my camera.

A few days ago, I decided to wash the lid and reusable straw for my cool cup that I use at work every day to satiate my constant thirst for water. So, I had my cup of water sitting on my desk, minus the lid. I reached to do something, and knocked the cup over, right onto my printer tray, spilling most of the water directly into the innards of my poor printer. I reacted quickly and scooped the paper out of the tray, then stuffed paper towels into it to sop up the mess. I managed to avoid using the printer for a few days, and today when I finally had to print something on it, it worked like a charm...after spitting out page after page like a maniac.

I also remember, several years ago when I taught at a photography school, I had one of my classic moments. Pretty much every day, I would make a Sonic run to get Route44 drinks for myself and the other two instructors, Mike and Stephanie. One day, as I had walked back into the school {and onto the carpet}, I just dropped Mike's Coke. Just dropped it. All 44oz of it. It oozed into the carpet while I rushed to get cleaning supplies. But I didn't really like the owners of the school anyway, so I didn't mind ruining the carpet there. ;)

I could go on, but for now those are enough random tales of my clumsiness. I would say that my inelegance has had at least a couple of beneficial results, though. For one thing, it has taught me to be a pretty fast reactor. And for another, I am not easily embarrassed these days. After years of humiliating myself with my gracelessness, it has really become not-so-humiliating.

So, there you have it. My first No Shame post. I mean, I've had other shameless posts, but this one gets a title and might even start a series. :) I don't like to talk about myself, but... Wait, yes I do.



  1. Abi!! I just love you! so so much. This Post made me CRACK UP because I do all these things too! We call them "Kathleenisms"...lets come up with a fun name for you! I love your blog so so much! Can't get enough of it! :)

  2. HAHAHA. I'm cracking up because I can just see these things happen. You know I'm so clumsy as well, and unfortunately have think I've passed it to Abi. Love this post, and yes, DO MORE! :)


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