Friday, March 25, 2011

don't let your dreams be dreams

My thoughts are turning and my heart is so full. I have been shooting a ton of portraits lately, which thrills me to no end! I realize my blog posts lately have not been so wordy, for which you all might be thankful, but I feel like an update post is needed. So, here ya go...

Next week, I am going on a fabulous trip to stay with some of my very best friends in the world. Let me explain. I have a tight knit group of friends whom I have been friends with since I was about thirteen years old. We met at a church youth conference, and we have all stayed in touch with each other over the years. The last time we were all together was at my brother's funeral, and we decided then and there that we needed to plan times to get together other than weddings or, God forbid, another funeral. So, we started talking about all taking a vacation together. Next week, that will happen. This could not come at a better time for me, as I have been going at a nonstop pace. There will be twelve of us total, and we will be staying in a gorgeous cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia. These people are the same as family to me, so it will be refreshing and relaxing and so much fun to spend a week with them!

There is only one negative about my trip next week...I will be missing the kickoff night for Merge, a new ministry/community that I have been involved in helping to start. I honestly wish I could sit down face to face with each of you and have a conversation about Merge! It is for people in their early twenties to early thirties, and I truly believe that is is going to be just fantastic! It will provide a connection and serving opportunities for people in my generation, build friendships, and hopefully change lives in Oklahoma City! I am so sad that I will be missing the first night, but that does not diminish my excitement or my belief that this is the beginning of something huge and something wonderful! Please check out the Facebook page and the Twitter feed. Like us and follow us. :) {I know I might sound just a little bit like a cheesy infomercial when I talk about Merge, but I am just so excited about it that it comes out as gushing. But I promise I am saying all this with all sincerity, and I really just want everyone to join me in my enthusiasm. :)}

Aside from those two major things going on with me, I am excited about two cool shoots that I have this weekend, one tonight and one in the morning. And I will be going to Tulsa on Sunday for what promises to be a very cool wedding shower for my dear friends Kevin and Melissa, whose wedding I will be shooting in May.

Monday morning, I will be riding the train down to Dallas, where I will be flying out of to go to Georgia. I am pumped about the train ride, since that is one mode of travel I have never experienced before. I will let y'all know how that goes, okay?

Well, that about sums it up for now, I guess. Happy weekend to you, my fabulous blog readers! Since a blog post is always better with pictures, here are two adorable families I had the pleasure of photographing this week...



Don't those images make you feel happy inside? :)


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