Friday, March 4, 2011

fierce fashionable friends...the lovely katherine

My friend Katherine is beautiful and good and witty. Seriously, the girl is constantly making me laugh. Sometimes, her humor is on purpose, and sometimes it is just a result of her blond Katherine moments. But most of the time, it is on purpose. ;)

Ever since I first met Katherine, she has demonstrated a strong and apparent heart for God. She is not afraid to speak up for what she believes. Katherine has taken a keen interest in, and is passionate about, the fight against human trafficking. For more info and to help make a difference, visit: {local} {worldwide}

Lat summer, I did a fun little shoot of Katherine. I realized that I had never shared any of those photos, so here are some of my faves...









These are my favorite kinds of shoots to do: a gorgeous {inside and out} individual, a little wardrobe collaboration/styling, and the freedom to shoot wherever. I love it when my friends and clients trust me completely with a photo shoot!

Katherine~ You, my friend, are so very special. I am happy and proud to call you one of my close friends. Thanks for making me laugh, for listening to me, and for always offering sound advice. I love you.



  1. The blog is very good!

  2. Such gorgeous clear photography! Can I ask what camera you use?

  3. antoinette~
    sure. i shot these on my old canon 20d. :) the lenses are what makes a real difference in the clarity of an image. :)


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