Wednesday, January 19, 2011

you rang?

Not that there is a fiancé, or even a boyfriend, on the horizon for me; but after seeing this post on A Cup of Jo this morning, engagement rings are on my mind. I used to tell everyone and anyone that I wanted the hugest, splashiest diamond ring ever when I got engaged...something about how a guy should spend more on The Ring than he did on his car, signifying the perceived value of his relationship, blah blah blah. And it's not that I don't think that at all now, but over the past few years, my thoughts on engagement rings have changed some. I've never seen Blood Diamond, but I am aware that there are scandalous and awful things having to do with the diamond trade. And my overall style and taste has changed and developed to where I appreciate and desire more unique clothing, accessories, or whatever. So I guess it's only natural that my ideas about what I want for an engagement ring would also change.

So, I ran a quick search on etsy {I mostly looked at emerald and jade rings, because I love the color green and think either one would make a cool engagement ring} and pulled these in about five minutes. They range from the ridiculous to quite reasonably priced.

First there's this detailed sterling silver and emerald ring, which might just be a tad extravagant in the pricing...


Then you have this pretty thing: the most typical engagement-type ring of the ones I chose, except with an emerald instead of the usual diamond center stone.


I especially love this vintage ring. I love the idea of getting a ring that has been around for a long while.


Probably my favorite of the ones I saw today is this uniquely beautiful jade ring. Even though there's a lot of heavy gold going on in the design, I would gladly sport it on my ring finger! :)


I had never heard of this stone before, but I thought this ring was oh-so-charming. And I love the thought that no one else would have a ring like it.


So, there you go. A round up of potential engagement rings from a girl who doesn't even have a boyfriend! How's that for random -- and perhaps just a tiny bit wistful. ;)



  1. I love the ring at the bottom! It is very pretty! I've always said because I've had to wait so long to find the "right guy" that I better get a BIG ring!!! We shall see if that's actually happens.

  2. I've always wanted a big ring, too. And, I'm not a big jewelry-wearer. I've also always wanted a Tacori ring. I love how they're a little vintage..anyway, I saw this on their fb page a few days ago and LOVE it for a diamond-alternative. I've always loved sapphires...good thing I was blessed with it as a birthstone. :)!/photo.php?fbid=1668676989142&set=o.188183079039

  3. victoria~
    i love, love tacori rings!!!

  4. I love that we both blogged about wedding stuff in the past couple of days. Even though we don't have boyfriends. Um, God? Cool. Thanks. ;)

  5. I remember when you used to talk about having a huge ring :) I adore the third vintage one, of course that's probably because it's the most traditional... and you know me :)


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