Thursday, January 20, 2011

snow days {yay!} and wrinkles {boo!}

This morning, I was thrilled to discover that schools were closed for a snow day, or actually an ice day, here in Oklahoma. I called work and my kind boss told me to see how it was around noon and then decide if I wanted to come in late. Yay. I promptly went back to sleep for a couple more hours.

When I went out to start my car and let it thaw, this is what the ground looked like:


Are you northerners laughing?

But, there was still some ice on my little ol' car.



Anyway, I survived the Great Ice Storm of 2011 {sarcasm} and headed in to work. :) But I did love the extra sleep!

In completely unrelated news...I turned thirty less than one month ago, and suddenly I have wrinkles developing on my forehead?!? What's up with that???



Boo! :(


I noticed that I am sporting some sexy under-eye circles, too, in that first photo. I was sporting them in the second photo as well, but I photoshopped them out. I was too lazy to go back and fix 'em in the other one. haha.

Dumb wrinkles.



  1. lol...i went downtown yesterday and walked out onto the lake. THAT's ice! j/k. I am laughing cuz KC is getting hammered this winter (after I leave for WI). It's been snowy here, but not nearly as bad as i expected. They clear it so fast (for the next time), that it's easy to get around. Stay safe! Oh, and rock the 30's...they're the best...wrinkles and all! Ur still a hot mama, IMHO!

  2. Abi's school must have been one of the only one's that didn't cancel, craziness here I tell you. Sometime Oklahoma amazes me. I have to say that I am excited to get into my 30s. Of course I say that now. ;) And I must say I adore your beautiful wrinkles. So many stories and much character behind those little things. I already have some at 26. It'll all be alright. :)


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