Friday, January 14, 2011

the poor girl's guide to eating in The City

Well, food is on my mind this morning, as it is many mornings. haha. So, I thought I'd share the cheap-yet-fun-and-delicious food and drinks we consumed while in NYC.

For our first meal of the trip, we ended up at an amazingly yummy little pizza place, Mariella's, on 3rd Ave.

Jen and I both chose this veggie-loaded pizza.


Whitney and Katherine looked extra-cute eating their slices. :)


A couple hours later, we finally got into Serendipity III, and enjoyed some amazing desserts. Here's Jen and I perusing the incredible menu.



Even later that night, my throat was starting to feel pretty raw and sore, so I ordered a Hot Toddy at our hotel bar. It was my first time to ever try that drink, and boy was it strong! Whew! I kind of shudder now just thinking about it. But i swear to you that it helped my throat so much! :)


After downing the hot toddy, Jen and I set out to see more of the city, and we each got an insanely scrumptious gyro from a vendor outside of Grand Central. I would pretty much go back to New York just to get another gyro like that! yummm!


The next day, I got a pretzel from a street vendor before joining the massive crowd of people waiting in Times Square for the NYE celebration.


And Whitney grabbed a hotdog!


Because people were gathering so early and Times Square was quickly filling up, Katherine and Brandie settled for McDonalds instead of the sushi we had all wanted to get for lunch that day. The funniest part was that they each bought an extra burger, since they knew we would be out there for hours and hours, and they ate one later as a snack. hahaha


By the next morning, my voice was completely gone, and my sore throat was in full effect, so Katherine and I opted for Jamba Juice over Starbucks. There, we indulged in a healthy wheat grass shot. :)



At lunchtime, we were in Chinatown, so we decided to pick up food from one of the little restaurants there. And we figured that we might as well choose one that had all sorts of animals hanging in the windows, right?




I was strangely fascinated by it all.


Stella Artois seemed to be the unofficial drink of the trip. :) Here, Whitney, Jen, Katherine and I all enjoyed a drink in our room before heading back out on the town on January 1st.


Katherine also wanted to experience the joys of eating a hotdog from a street vendor.



And finally, later on that night, we ended up at Benito II in Little Italy, where we were delighted by the delectable food and enamored with the charming and extra-attentive staff. :)




This guy even gave me a shoulder massage, since it was {a day after} my birthday! ;)


We ended the night by enjoying divine cupcakes that we had picked up earlier at Magnolia Bakery. Delish!!!




And now, I just want to eat all sorts of unhealthy foods. :) But I can't and I won't. I'm glad I got that out of my system in New York. Because everyone knows that food you eat while on vacation doesn't really count, or make you gain weight! ;)


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  1. I cannot believe these pictures were taken with your point and shoot because these are soo good...
    food is so much better in NYC YUMM now I am hungry.


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