Friday, January 7, 2011

decor inspiration from nyc

I didn't go looking for decor inspiration in NY...In fact, I only snapped one photo thinking, "Yes, I want to do this in my room." I did, however, take lots and lots of photos of anything that caught my eye. So, looking through my photos, I had about a dozen that sparked decorating ideas for me.

Now, I realize that my taste is completely unsophisticated. I love a hodge podge of stuff that has been collected over time, with lots of color mixed into things. So, this post might not be inspirational at all for you when it comes to decor. But hey, at least you can see some more pics from my trip. :)

I'll start off with probably the crappiest photo I've ever posted on my blog, because I mean, why try to bury it in the middle of the post? If you can ignore the blurriness, you will see the one photo I took just to remember this idea: a sparkly, glittery branch hanging thing. :) I am so going to do this, and I am going to hang jewelry from it.

{taken in Serendipity}

This chair simply enthralled me. I love it. I have old burlap potato sacks covering my ceiling in my bedroom, so this is my kind of thing. Also, ikat might be over in the decorating world, I'm not sure - but I still love it.

{I have no idea what store this was in - it was down the street from Serendipity.}

Here's a different angle that shows an chandelier!


And a detail shot of the chandelier. Does anyone know what "style" this is? As in, what era or whatever?


Here's a nice, dark picture of some window treatments I thought were pretty sweet. Sorry, it was late and the only illumination was street light.


This one is a little better. I just love the swishy, fringe-y look of it.

{at The Four Seasons}

These two shimmery light fixtures hanging right by each other made me think of pretty, dangly earrings...for your ceiling. And that thought makes me smile.

{inside of our hotel, The New York Helmsley}

Serendipity is chock full of unique and cute decor. I loved the mirrored butterflies and all the clustered Christmas bulbs and lights in this shot.

{upstairs in Serendipity}

I think this is so lovely! The molding detail on the painted ceiling is simply charming, and that chandelier is too fun! Doesn't it seem like it would be diy-able?


The following three photos were taken outside of Bloomingdale's. I loved the words and colors, and I might print these and frame them together in my home.




Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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