Monday, January 17, 2011

sometimes i am creative

So, last week I went over to my beautiful friend Cassie's house to hang out and to put this together for her daughter Ari's room...


{The top "Love You" thingy is a decoration I purchased at Hobby Lobby. :) Also from Hobby Lobby are the two little pink beaded hearts. The tissue puffs are from ihaveribbon on etsy and the paper lanterns are from etsy or ebay. The purple butterflies were already in Ari's room, we just added them to this. The pink scolly flower on the wall was previously there as well. Also used: purple sequin ribbon, sheer pink ribbon, red furry wired ribbon, and red ribbon with white polka dots.}

Cassie's daughter Ari just turned 7 in December, and this was my belated birthday present to her. She had been maybe just a little envious of this "mobile" I made last year to go above her baby sister Kayla's crib.

{Here's Cassie and her husband Daniel, when baby Kayla was still in her belly. :) -photo by me}

I was inspired by a favorite Oklahoman and blogger of mine, Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore. Go spend some time on her site -- you will be delighted with her charming home and adorable family!

Anyway, I was really happy with how both of the girls' little projects of mine turned out! Sometimes I am creative, and then I look at what I created and I think, "I made that." And I smile. :)



  1. Abi!!! You are absolutely one of THE most talented people I know! These are amazing and beautiful. Im blown away!!! We will be PAYING you to make something like this for baby Miller someday!


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