Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my ridiculously good-looking family

Last week, my incredible sister in law Ashley came to visit us. I coerced my amazing photographer friend Kelly Beane to come and do a quick session of my awesome family. {Check out her sweet website!} Here is one of my favorites...


standing, left to right: Amber, Abe, Mom, Dad, Ashley
sitting, left to right: Laila, me, Jace, Daxon, Mandi, DJ

And I just have to note this, because it makes me so happy:
A good portion of our outfits were thrifted. These are the thrifted items: Amber's poncho, red jeans, and gold belt; my dress and vest; my mom's sweater, Daxon's sweater; Ashley's shirt and red leather skirt :); DJ's pearl snap shirt...and maybe more, I'm not sure on all Mandi's family's clothing. :)

So, there you have it. My ridiculously good-looking family {if I do say so myself} decked out in some fun clothing. :) Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.

God Bless!


ps A huge THANK YOU to my wonderful family for being willing to go along with my "styling" of this session and for cooperating so nicely. :) Also, to Kelly, for taking time out of her extra-busy schedule to capture us!


  1. GORGEOUS family Abi! I love to read your thoughts toward them...so loving and special!

  2. You hair color is out of control beautiful! I LOVE IT.

  3. BEAUTIFUL family!!! :) Good to see you all again...

  4. My top and pants, Jace's Gap wool slacks - ALL THRIFTED!!

  5. I love the Martin family so much and am honored I got to photograph your family! You all are so encouraging, inspiring and loving to me and I'm blessed to know you all! Much love!


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