Monday, December 6, 2010

my fantastic weekend

This is what a spectacular weekend looks like...

Friday night: a fabulous Christmas party with a sweet friend...

Saturday afternoon: a wintry wonderland shoot of one of the best couples I think I've ever met...

Saturday night: dinner made for me by my good friend Lindsey, followed by the viewing of Christmas lights in Yukon, OK. This tree display that sparkled and flashed in time with the music was our favorite...
2010-12-04 21.26.34-2
{phone pic}

Sunday morning: a new favorite outfit...

...and soul-stirring worship at church...
{taken w/ my new point and shoot cam}

Sunday evening: hanging out with my girl Kylie {she was one of my Switch girls last year, and I get together with her once a week}...

Things not pictured above that also made this weekend wonderful:
~getting to stay in bed late on Saturday
~fun phone conversations with good friends
~lunch at my mama's house on Sunday
~precious bits of time spent with my niece and nephews
~an encouraging facebook message from my pastor

This month has started off beautifully for me! :)



  1. Great Pics! Love the little things in life!

  2. looks like a lot of fun abi!! love love love that outfit in the first pic...where did you get those tights?!

  3. You are so gorgeous. You make me want to go red!


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