Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my kylie girl

This is Kylie.

I first met Kylie when she came to Switch, the youth program on Wednesday nights at my church.  I lead a small group of girls there, and she was assigned to my group.  I knew right away that we were going to get along well.  I didn't know what a big part of my life she would become. 

You see, after Kylie had been in my group a few months, she changed church campuses.  She left me. ;)  But by that time, we had become pretty close, and we decided we didn't want to lose touch with each other.  We started getting together pretty much every Tuesday night.  And I officially became a mentor for the first time in my life.  I also feel like I gained a for-real little sister.  I would say daughter, but I like to pretend that I'm not that old.  ;)

So, every Tuesday for at least the last year and a half, I've hung out with my Kylie girl.  Until this Tuesday.  You see, this past weekend Kylie moved to another state to live with her dad.  She left me again!  Even though my eyes are getting teary again just writing those words, I am happy for her to have this new chapter in her life right now.  I know it's a good choice for her at this time. 

And just like when we decided to stay in touch before, we're determined to remain close even though the miles separate us now. 

I love you so much.  It's hard to put into words our relationship and what it means to me.  Even though it sounds cliche, you've taught me as much as I've ever taught you.  
I'll miss the in-person hanging out times.  I'll smile whenever I think about the things like talks at Starbucks, trying cool new restaurants, hair appointments, searching for the perfect book bag and other shopping adventures, NOT running into homeless guys on bikes, having you do my nails, delivering jump ropes, and letting you drive the car in order to keep my promises.  But I know we'll have many more great times to come.  
I'm so proud of you.  I miss you.  You better stay in touch with me, dang it! :)


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