Tuesday, March 27, 2012

yellow-orange sparkly nails

When I turned thirty, I started painting my nails, and I've never looked back.  Obviously, I sometimes painted my nails before I entered my thirties.  I am a girly-girl after all.  But these days, I feel practically naked without polish on my nails.

Here are what my nails look like today. :)

This is a terrible post about painted nails, because I can't even tell you what the name of this polish is.  I can tell you that I painted my nails at church on Sunday while serving in The Loop with fifth and sixth graders.  And no, I wasn't just chilling in there doing my nails.  We actually have a table of nail stuff set up for the girls who want to paint their nails before or after the message.  :)  Fun times.  I can also tell you that this polish was by OPI, I believe.  And it looks kinda neon orange in the bottle, but translates a bit more yellow on nails.  And I added a layer of cheap-o glitter polish.  Because all good girly-girls know that glitter makes everything better.  Plus, now my nails are pretty much Thunder colors! :)


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