Friday, March 16, 2012

that's what she wore ~ rips and tears and gold sparkles

Long story short:  I got this orange sweater at the thrift store while back.  When I washed it after purchasing it, it came out of the dryer with a hole.  Sad day.  But then I decided to just cut a bunch of holes all over it.  The better to show the sequins on a tank top underneath, right??  Happy day! :)  Also, my gold bracelet here was a gift from my friend Kathleen.  It's really a skinny belt.  The shoes I've had forever and ever.  Seriously.  But let me tell you about the jeans.  I was in another town shooting a wedding and had some time to kill, so I went into a store there {cannot for the life of me remember what store it was at the moment}.  Saw these cute ripped jeans on clearance.  Bought 'em without trying 'em on...they didn't fit.  As in, I couldn't even get them past my hips, at all.  So, I lost some weight and wear them all the time now. :)  In fact, they used to have all these little pearl things on the front of them, and now there's only like three left.  Fun stuff. 

So there's the story of the outfit.  {Sorry it wasn't actually short.}  Here's the pix.....

Hope you all have a happy weekend!  Thunder up and Happy St Patrick's Day! :) 


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  1. what a holy day for you!! hahaha, i crack myself up! looooove the outfit though... and proud of you fitting into some old jeans. working my way there.... ;)


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