Thursday, March 15, 2012

a sneaky sneak peek of sorts

This past Sunday evening, I did a Bridal Portrait session for my lovely friend Whitney.  Obviously, I can't show you any of the pix yet, since her wedding isn't until May.  But, oh my, her dress is gorgeous!  And she looks like a dream in it! :) 

I made a sweet little bouquet for her photo shoot.  Because, you know: sometimes I "do flowers".  Here's a cropped-in pic of just the bouquet.  I feel safe showing you all this, since her wedding day bouquet will be different.  {Fun fact: I gathered those tiny branches and spray painted them silver. :)}

I hope your Thursday is filled with pretty things.  Or pretty people.  Or both. :)


p.s.  Do you have any "secret" talents??  Whitney was completely surprised when I first told her I could make bouquets.  I showed her some pix of ones I've made to prove my skills! ;)

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