Thursday, June 16, 2011

this is why i don't paint my nails

Well, that title is misleading, because obviously I did paint my nails. But this is why I dislike going to the trouble of painting my nails.....

First, I have zero patience. I am just not a patient person. So waiting for my each coat of nail polish to dry just about kills me.

Secondly, when I do actually manage to do good job painting my nails and not smudge them before they dry, they still chip right away.


I painted my nails last night, and this happened just after noon today, while browsing clothes at the thrift store during my lunch break. Not while opening a can of pop. Not while washing the dishes. Not while doing anything that might actually cause nail polish to chip.

And okay, so maybe I used a random nail strengthener I had on hand, as opposed to top coat or base coat. Apparently, I am easily seduced into buying lots and lots of little bottles of fun, bright, or sparkly nail polish. Not so seduced by the boring bottles of base coat or top coat. But if it is supposed to strengthen my nails, shouldn't it make my nail polish strong enough to last through a shopping trip? Maybe it's because I've probably had that nail strengthener since high school...


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  1. ugh!! i am the same way, can't keep nail polish on more than like ohhhhh 8 hours.


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