Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sitting, waiting, wishing, whatev

Yesterday, I pretty much decided that I don't even want to entertain the thought of marriage until I am thirty-five. I mean, I enjoy my life how it is now. I love spending time with my family and my friends. I like checking out cute boys. And after thirty whole years {okay, maybe like twenty years} of imagining "what if" when a cute boy's smile catches my eye, I sometimes think it might be difficult for me to not be able to do that. Hmm.

Then there are the fleeting moments when I get frustrated and just want a boy to like me. And I want to like him back. And sometimes, a specific boy might catch my interest, and then my sentiments might echo the lyrics of this song by my man Jack Johnson...

Even if you find this whole post to be annoying or obnoxious, you should watch the video, it's a clever one. And it is Jack Johnson. And if he weren't already married, I'd take back everything I said about not getting married until I'm thirty-five, and I'd marry him tomorrow. :)

{And seriously, this is one of his more popular songs, that pretty much everyone has probably heard; but you all should do yourself a favor and invest in his music. It's perfect for the summertime. And he has a ton of great songs. I should know, I'm pretty sure I have every single one.}


  1. Agree with every comment on Jack... love him! And now I'm happy I've atleast seen him concert, but not quite as close and personal as you :c) And I am not annoyed by this post. I'm glad that you can be open, honest, and personal. I'm glad that you appreciate the opportunity to hang out with family and friends. Love you girl!

  2. jack is the PERFECT summertime music!! it's like you can hear the waves and smell the coconut every time he plays :)

    i feel about kids how you feel about marriage...i just...i'm just not sure! i'm like well i do like children, i LOVE my nieces...but i'm totally NOT ready to give up everything to take care of someone (other than stephen...ha!) i feel like we have a lot of being selfish time to go, we have a lot of living to do...not to say people who have kids don't live! but you know what i'm saying...i guess i'm just too selfish right now! is that so bad?!


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