Wednesday, June 1, 2011

help me think of a clever series title

As narcissist as it might seem, I want to start posting my outfits more regularly. I just love clothes and personal style and fashion, you see. And sometimes I want to record what I wear.

{shirt: Collected Thread; necklace: Kohls}

{skirt and shoes: from Ross, purchased years ago}

But for some reason today, I am having the most difficult time coming up with a good series title for outfit posts. So, feel free to throw some suggestions my way if you are feeling especially clever. Please and thank you.


p.s. Buy local! :)


  1. Closet Concoctions?

  2. You know...I want that skirt, so fork it over! Closet Concoctions sounds great to me!

  3. ooh closet concoctions is good! going along with alliteration, i would also suggest "abi's apparel" :) or "abi's awesome apparel"

  4. closet concoctions and abi's apparel are both cute. :) someone on twitter suggested continued thread, which i also like.
    tina~ i will give you this skirt! i need to get rid of some clothes! :)

  5. YOU my dear are FABULOUS! Okay, don't make fun, but here are my idea:
    Abilicious Apparel (it could totally be a brand too ;)or I like Abi's Apparel too.


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