Monday, June 13, 2011

food, fun, and fashion in seattle

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting my sis in law and dear friend, Ashley, out in Tacoma, WA. We had a wonderful few days together enjoying some delish culinary delights, losing track of time in an amazing little clothing shop, and otherwise just having an absolute blast. But photos always tell the story better, so here you go.....

The flight into Sea-Tac is simply breathtaking, especially to this Mid-Western born and bred girl. :)


Immediately after my arrival in Washington, Ashley and I headed over to Alki Beach in West Seattle. It was a lovely, sunny day, especially for Seattle. I was enamored with the picturesque area!



I could easily imagine living in a charming abode like this one! :)


Ashley and I walked and talked and sat and talked some more, all while enjoying the views on every side. I mean, this view...seriously??



Ashley's latest tattoo.


After walking all the way down the beach and back, we stumbled-on-purpose into the fabulous store Pepper, having spotted it earlier from the car. I snapped this shot while we were driving by, when this cool girl caught my eye. When we went into the store later, we found out that this cool girl was actually the artist and shop owner Pepper herself. Ashley and I went mad for her creatively reworked fashions! Such fun clothes!


After an hour or so spent trying on and buying clothes from Pepper, we walked down the street a little to get some yummy pho for lunch.


That evening, Ashley and her roommate Lindsay and friend Rachel and I, all got dressed up and headed back into Seattle from Tacoma.


Rachel, you are so fetching in your fascinator! :)


First, we enjoyed a sublime meal at Etta's, where I savored the delicious albacore tuna with braised olives, fennel, and roasted grapes. Yummmm.....


After dinner, we headed over to Le Can Can to take in a divine show by the super-talented performers! I loved the mood, lighting, and all-around atmosphere of Le Can Can!

Rachel and I -- doing our best "sophisticated ladies" pose... :)


Ashley and Lindsay -- happy, smiley, pretty girls... :)


I have no words to describe the allure and talent of this woman! Wow.


That's my hand, looking fabulous all dressed up with sparkly nail strips and a giant ring.


The second day of my visit was all about Ashley's roller derby bout that evening!!! Yes, she is a badass roller derby chick! I LOVED getting to watch her skate!



I had to represent for my girl! I even rocked a {temporary} tattoo of an anchor on my chest, in support of the Dock Yard Derby Dames.


The next morning, we headed back into Seattle yet again, for a delectable biscuit brunch at a sweet little spot named Nook.



And later, in the afternoon, I ended up at the best little ice cream place ever! I told y'all this trip was all about some great food! But seriously, if you are ever in Seattle, do yourself a favor and try some savory ice cream from Molly Moon's! You won't regret it, and you will thank me. :)



After sampling several of their unique flavors, I ended up going with the to-die-for-delish salted caramel. Mmmmm!


Oh, and did I mention that I was wearing one of Pepper's pieces that day? This top totally made me feel like I was a cool girl while walking the streets of Seattle.


That evening, back in Tacoma, we enjoyed even more good food while celebrating Ashley and Lindsay's May birthdays.



The birthday babes... :)


Thank you so much for such a wonderful time. You are so very special to me! I loved meeting your friends, eating delicious food with you, watching your roller derby bout, and shopping at Pepper's with you -- but most of all, I loved just hanging out and talking and being with you!


ps Who feels inspired to go home and cook something amazing, after all that food talk?? I do!


  1. Amazing Abi... I love all the photos!!! I really enjoyed getting to meet you and hangout, it was such a treat to have you here!!

    Till we meet again
    <3 Lindsay

  2. Good writing, and I kinda remember you. They know me in the derby world as Daddy-O and you may remember me assisting to keep drunk people from jumping into Puget Sound. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here. I think you ARE cool.


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