Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what 'do ya do

Barring the arrival of *Snowtorious B.I.G. The Remix, which is due to drop this evening, I will be getting my hair done. Yay! Except, Snowtorious will probably arrive as predicted. In which case, I won't be getting my hair done this evening. Boo.

Oh well. If I don't get my hair done, there's a possibility I will be able to go to the Thunder game tonight, which would be lovely! :)

Anyway, aside from all that, I recently purchased a magazine {Elle, I believe} that featured a couple different stories about a couple different girls: one who tried thirty different make up looks in thirty days, and one who tried thirty different hair looks in thirty days. Fun stuff. :) So it inspired me to put a little more effort into my daily hair and makeup.

This morning, my hair was looking blah, so I worked it into a quick braid and then twisted that up and pinned it a little to the side at the back of my neck. I am happy with the not-too-done, pieces-falling-out result. :) And it only took like two minutes.


Obligatory side view...


Well, I hope that you all stay safe and warm and enjoy the next few snow days, as Snowtorious once again rules the charts here in Oklahoma.


ps *Thanks to my clever friends, Kristie and Brandie, for the "Snowtorious B.I.G. The Remix" name. :)


  1. My hair looks exactly like that today! Lol I wish I could post a pic in this reply!

  2. Looking beautiful! Love the hair and makeup! ~ Sherie

  3. I love your hair like this! I just braided mine to the side today and left little wispies, which you know is not like me to stray from the norm, but i loved it. So I'm feeling you on putting more effort to make myself prettified and try new things. :)


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