Wednesday, February 23, 2011

red and pink and feathered

Ask any girl you know...There' no other confidence/mood booster quite like a fabulous new hairdo. Something about sporting a new cut or a new color, or both, just makes you feel like a new person. Right, girls?

Well, this past Saturday, my amazing hair girl {Jamie Roark at DK Salon} and I finally got our schedules to match up, and I went in to get my red and pink color redone...and Jamie gave me bangs! Yay! I had thought about getting bangs, and then I saw a girl at a Thunder game who had the exact cut I wanted. So I took spy pictures of her from across the court and showed Jamie. :) I am in loooove with my bangs! Am I allowed to say that? I'm not being vain, it's all Jamie's skill that I'm raving about!

Also, I know a fabulous girl named Molly. She and I went to the same crazy high school and yet somehow emerged unscathed. ;) Molly has the most beautiful little family and the most adorable room in her home where she does hair. She sent me a message the other day on Facebook telling me about the newest, hottest thing for hair: feather extensions! Here is a direct quote from the message she sent me: "Anyone who will put gold sequins on her eyes for New Years Eve, needs to definitely sport some feathers!!" That put a big smile on my face! I had already seen and lusted over the feather extensions. Jamie and I were waiting to see if her salon would get them so she could do them for me. When I told her about the message Molly had sent me, Jamie gave me her blessing to have a small hair affair with Molly and let her give me the feather extensions. :)

Molly has the best quality feathers and an awesome array of colors to choose from...


She attaches them so securely that they will stay in for at least six weeks or so.


Thanks to these two hair artists, look at me with my fab new 'do!!!


I'm so happy! :) {If you want to get hooked up with some feathers, let me know and I'll give you Molly's contact info.}


ps Check out this post about her own hair feathers by the way-cooler-than-anyone-else Kathleen of jeremy & kathleen! :)

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