Wednesday, February 16, 2011

light up my life

Yesterday, for the first time ever in my thirty years on this earth, I was treated to an amazing experience known as the full body massage. I received said massage from a capable girl at Eden Salon and Spa here in OKC. The massage was booked and paid for as a gift to me by my wonderful friends Anna and Cody Light.

Basically, Anna and Cody said they wanted to do something to show their appreciation for me doing photos for them. I have been blessed to be able to do several shoots of them over the past couple of years. And with them expecting their first baby this year, I look forward to many more shoots to come!

I thoroughly enjoyed the massage experience, and I am so grateful for photo subjects who are actually close friends. You see, Anna is the youth leader at my church and I have the privilege of serving under her leadership at Switch every week. Also, she led the LifeGroup I was in for a couple years. Once she and Cody got married, they decided to lead a LifeGroup for married couples, which is when I started my current LifeGroup. Anna and Cody are an amazing example of a godly couple. Their relationship is one that restores my faith in relationships a little each time I am around them.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from a session I did of Cody and Anna last year. It was sort of a one year anniversary shoot. I wanted to play on the theme of their last name, Light. So, I did different lighting than my usual preferred natural light. The results were nice and moody, I feel.

{Doesn't Anna have such pretty, piercing eyes?}







I have some more ideas for night portraits that I hope I will get to try out soon. :)


ps THANK YOU, Anna and Cody, for booking that massage for me! I loved it and I love you guys!


  1. These are so great! I just had my first full body massage too! Fun! :)

  2. that's so great you just got your first massage! It is an addictive thing, isn't it? Even though I'm a therapist and know how good it is for me, I don't get regular massages (but should)! LOL. Great pics, too. Love the night should do more. If you ever wanna come up to Madison, there is great night architecture avail for photos...Capitol bldg and the Terrace along the lake (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright).

  3. love them:) and i will volunteer to be a model for a night shoot when im down :) hehe.. and i will have some studio lights when can mess with when we visit the fam:)

  4. i love love love these. lighting is amazing. i really want you to teach me this! You are amazing.


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