Friday, February 10, 2012

just for fun ~ me, as a high school senior

Let's look at one of my senior portraits...

Now, let's discuss.  {Because I'm so vain, I probably think this blog is about me...}

Okay, the first and most obvious thing we must talk about is The Hair.  Back then, I was known for my lonnnng hair, as opposed to the crazy colors I am known for now. :)  That was my 100% natural color, although I think it looks a little more red in this picture-of-a-picture than it ever actually was.

I was a fan of it then, still a fan of it today. :)

I hadn't discovered teeth whitening yet.  I don't think anyone had.  Have you ever noticed how much more yellow people's teeth are in old movies than in current ones.  Random.

Earrings, check.  Necklace, check.  Rings, check.  Watch worn on the inside of my wrist because I was cool like that, check.  What can I say?  I've always been an accessories girl.

Denim on denim.  Hmm.  I know that's been a trend for the past couple of years, but I have never really worn denim with denim.  Unless maybe it was different shades.  Unlike here.  I don't even know why I did that for this pic.  Also, I have to note that in this pic, my tank top was dangerously low cut for my strict Baptist rules.  It would never have been allowed at the school I graduated from here in Oklahoma. But I had my senior pictures done in Iowa the summer before my senior year.  Smart girl. :)  Also, the bottom half of this outfit was an ankle length denim skirt, not jeans.  Jeans were definitely not allowed. 

I just have to say this: as a teen, I never truly appreciated my body.  Then, all I could see was how my hips protruded too much and my thighs were too fat.  {Not that my thighs even mattered, since I wasn't allowed to wear pants, ever.  Skirts only!}  Now, all I can do is sigh in envy.  Please, teenage girls, appreciate your body instead of being unhappy about it!

Well, that was fun.  Now, on a completely unrelated note, I would like to let you all know that today I paid off an old credit card debt that I've had for years.  I'm excited!  Well, not excited that I had old debt to pay off {more like embarrassed}, but excited to have paid it!  In many ways, I feel like I haven't become much wiser than I was as a seventeen year old, when this picture was taken.  But maybe, just maybe, the work God has done and is doing in me is finally starting to turn me into an adult. :) 

Happy Friday, my lovely friends!  Tell me about your weekend plans.  Or your seventeen year old self.  Or some debt you've conquered.  :)



  1. Hey, I went to a Baptist private school too! I think all those skirts are part of the reason I rebel against wearing them now. And yes, the neckline would've got you sent home to change if you wore it in high school. So silly.

    Also, this post is a really cute idea! I'll be stealing it and making my own soon. :)

  2. ahhhhhhh I paid off my credit card yesterday! :)


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