Wednesday, February 8, 2012

fashion chatter ~ tree & leaf tee shirts

I don't really think of myself as a tee shirt girl, but I realized that in the last week, I have worn three tee shirts by the cool guys over at Tree & Leaf.

These are all just random Instagram pix, so you can't really see the shirts very well.  Here are the links, if you want to check them out:
~Vote Presti 2012 {Presti is the Thunder GM, in case you were wondering. :)}
~It Must Be The Beard {for my Beardfriend, James Harden}
~Well, there's not a link for the last one.  It has "OKC" on the front, with a crown over it.  And the back says "Next Is Now".  It's also a Thunder shirt, obviously.  :)

I seem to only wear tee shirts that are Thunder gear or musician/band shirts.  What about you?  Are you a big fan of tee shirts?  What kind do you mostly wear?  Do you own any Tree & Leaf shirts?  If not, you should check out their website, for sure.  Or better yet, stop by the store!


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