Thursday, February 23, 2012

are you happy?

The other day, I listened to this podcast by Christine Caine.  In it, she talks about overcoming a really difficult past.  The interviewer, Bianca, asks her if she ever gets sad, and Christine answers that of course she does.  But then she talks about choosing to be happy, just deciding that you will be. 

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I know that sometimes terrible things happen.  Things that break your heart and make you sad.  I'm not saying you should never be sad or express grief.  I'm just pleading the case for happiness.

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Maybe it means smiling when you don't feel like it.  Maybe it means doing something for someone else.  Maybe it means a day of thanking God instead of asking Him for anything. 

How do you choose happiness??



  1. Happiness is a choice all be it a difficult one at times!! I have to remind myself that sometimes.

  2. You are one of the happiest people I have known! We need to get together again soon...we live in the same town for crying out loud! Our dear friend Em keeps talking about coming to OKC to see us...wouldn't that be so much fun!

  3. ashley~
    yes! let's do lunch or something! and i'd LOVE to see emily again!


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