Monday, October 24, 2011

unbelievable night! {kd's all star charity game in okc}

Sometimes you just need a night that is a little bit removed from your reality.  A few hours away from normal life.  A break from the usual.  Last night was just that for me. 

My friend B took me to the all star charity basketball game hosted by Kevin Durant here in OKC.  Obviously, my Thunder-loving heart was thrilled at the prospect of watching a few of my fave Thunder players {including my ultimate all-time fave, James Harden} play some ball again.  Especially with this lockout going on with no end in sight for the time being.  When we arrived at the game, I found out that our seats were court side...And the freaking out began!

The evening started off well, as I happened to be walking back in to our seats right as James Harden was arriving and heading into the locker room.  I managed to catch his eye and throw a big smile his way.  Just that little interaction was enough to make me all shaky and excited.  But that was just the beginning..

I did take some photos during the game, but I was in full on fan mode, not at all trying to be a sports photog.  I posted an album of the game on Facebook, but here are all the really important pix from the evening..


Look closely at the following photo.

This is what pure, thrilling happiness looks like! :)

{James Harden and me!!!!!!}

{And us with B.}


{Me, B, Daequan Cook, Eric Maynor}

{Us with Jeff Green}

{Desmond Mason and me!}

{Me, KD's mama, B}

{Us with Russell Westbrook!!!!!}

My sis Amber basically told me that the following pic was "wasted" on me, since I am not a lifelong, true sports fan like she is! :)  Which is true.  A true Thunder fan, I am.  Don't question it.  A true sports fan, I am not. 

But still, I don't think this was a wasted pic at all... :)

{B, LeBron James, me!!!!!}

And the man, the one and only.....

{Us with Kevin Durant!!!!!!!}

I still can't quite believe that last night was real.  Sitting close enough to see and hear the exchanges between some of the greatest players of our day, then getting to meet several of them.....I honestly have no words!  I think I used them all up last night.  B might have said I was acting like a hummingbird on meth.  But at least I held it together when I actually met the players.  Pretty much.  I mean, I did ask to touch Harden's beard.  And he let me.  Not a big deal.  

Someone pinch me.  Is this real life?  Thanks to all who were kind enough to make this my Best Night Ever! :)

God is good to me.



  1. Glad that you had a wonderful time and got to meet the players. I'd be giddy to. Great post.

  2. OMG!!! im so jealous of this! that's sooo awesome! :))

  3. You are the luckiest girls I know in real life! hehe! :)


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