Tuesday, October 4, 2011

that's what she wore...transition

Hey, I'm back!  I don't have my computer back just yet, but that's no reason to neglect my blog-writing any longer. :)  Today, I love my outfit, so I wanted to do another That's What She Wore post.  I definitely need to upgrade soon, to having someone else snap pix of me in outfits when I want to post them.  For now, you get the not-so-great shots I manage to take of myself while at work. :)

But first, a word on personal style.  Last night, as I was getting my hair done {darker, woohoo!} by the fabulous Jamie, we were talking about defining our personal style.  I told her that I have narrowed mine down to Artsy Romantic Rockstar.  I'm not saying that's how I dress, or that I'm so cool; I'm just saying that I will try to only buy or keep clothes that fit that category.  Today, my friends B and K suggested maybe it should be Artsy Vintage Rockstar, which I'm cool with...I think either description would work. :)

Darker hair plus my bracelets -- makes my heart happy!

ofb 033

Still had to keep some bright red in it for now...

ofb 021

ofb 025
{Both shirts are thrifted.  The striped one had an elastic waist w/ a ruffle that fit weirdly, so I chopped it all off and just made it shorter.  I like it much better now.}

ofb 040

ofb 043
{I bought this hinged ring at the Oklahoma State Fair last weekend for ten dollars.  I love it.}

I've been conciously working on building up my bracelet collection.  I have decided that I mostly love the look of leather mixed with metal.  These bracelets all make me very happy.  Yes, I am that shallow and easy to please! ;)

ofb 002
{Can we just talk about my bracelets for a minute??  :)  Left to right, here's the price and where I got 'em: black and silver beads, purchased for five dollars at the Sheep Drive in Reed, Montana; fuschia braided leather, purchased for six dollars at the OK State Fair; metallic braided leather with metal IMAGINE charm, purchased for like twenty dollars, I believe, in Big Timber, Montana; gold double-wrap leather, purchased for eight dollars -but covered by a gift card- from Cottonwood Salon and Spa in Edmond, OK; my metal memorial bracelet for my brother Jack, given to me by my badass soldier friend Nathan after my brother was killed - it started my bracelet collection, and I wear it always; green leather with silver stars, also from Cottonwood; pink and silver beads with silver engraved heart, given to me by my friends Shane and Bre when I shot their wedding.  I'm sure that is super boring info to all of you, but I love-love my bracelets and just wanted to share all the details! :)}

ofb 016
{Skirt is New York & Company, but I got it at Ross on clearance for five dollars!}

ofb 018
{These shoes are some of my faves, and I got them from GoJane.com, which is my go-to site for cheap, cute shoes.}

ofb 028

ofb 027

Have you ever tried to identify your style, or narrow it down to a certain category?  I mainly have tried to define mine for one reason: I tend to like everrrything when it comes to clothes, so this helps me buy less that isn't really "me". 

I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday!  Sorry if this post is too boring for you, or if it makes me seem like I am completely full of myself.  I promise, it's about the clothes and accessories, not about me! :)


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