Wednesday, December 28, 2011

find and gift

A few days before Christmas, I had to drive through a Walmart parking lot, and I was reminded of one of the reasons perks of not doing any of my shopping at the usual places like Walmart or the mall..


I actually made it through the entire Christmas season without stepping foot into a Walmart, woohoo! :)  Not that I  totally hate Walmart, but I definitely hate the lines and general craziness of the big stores and malls!  On the flip side, it is easier to walk in and find something for anyone at places like that.  Giving only thrifted or handmade items definitely presents a challenge.  Especially when shopping for my two bosses.  Both of them are very kind gentlemen who seemingly have everything they could ever want or need.  Seriously, what could I find at a thrift store for them??  {I thought about baking them some treats, but our office was already overflowing with Christmas cookies and such.}  So, I made my way over to my personal version of a "mall" aka The Rink Gallery, an awesome vintage/antique/thrift/handmade shopping haven that is seriously like walking into Pinterest In Real Life!

The thought in my head was that maybe I could find a couple of cool coffee mugs for my bosses.  Instead, my eyes fell on these awesome little handmade coat hooks.  There were only two in the booth, and get this: they were just five dollars each!  Score!


See, one of my bosses always hangs his coat on his door handle, and my other boss usually just tosses his on a table.  So, perfect.  Maybe they will use them, maybe they won't.  Either way, at least I had found something they could use.  And I had stuck to my personal gifting guidelines!  Yay!


Since everyone knows that guys could usually care less about pretty wrapping or cute gift bags, I simply cut down some card stock paper, wrote a little note on the back and each of their initials on the front,  then added a bow, and voila!


And that's the story of what I gave to the two people who are the most difficult to buy for on my list each year! ;) 


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