Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Having just returned from a spectacular trip to visit my friend and sister in law, Ashley, in Washington, I am still trying to absorb the loveliness that I am blessed to call my life.

Here is a photo that I took this past weekend. It shows a wall display of photos that I shot, which hangs in Ashley's home in Tacoma. The photos that spell out the word "love" were taken years ago on a visit to see Jack and Ashley in Fayeteville, NC. I later had them matted and framed as a present for Ashley. This remains one of my favorite projects I've ever done.


I hope your day is filled with love.



  1. i love this! what a fun idea :) hope you had a wonderful time on the trip!!

  2. I love these! I wish I could see letters in everyday objects b/c I would totally do this!


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