Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am not a sports blogger or even a true sports fan. However, even I knew last night, as I watched my beloved Thunder battle it out over three grueling over times against the Memphis Grizzlies, that I was watching an epic game. Like I said, I am not a true sports fan. There is so much I don't know or understand about the game of basketball. But I am a true Thunder fan. And this season, I have read and learned more about basketball, my team, and the Thunder players, than I ever thought I would even want to know.

Last night, I didn't understand everything that went on during the game. I couldn't get as upset as my basketball-coach/lifelong-sports-fan-sister, Amber. But I could appreciate the heart that went into playing a game that really and truly started on one day, May 9, and ended on May 10. It was that long and that crazy of a game. Three overtimes, folks. I wish I could give you a proper recap of the game, but many other actual sports writers have done that, so here are a couple of good links from The Daily Thunder blog and NewsOK.

And many of you who follow my blog probably could care less about a crazy playoff game. But last night was so amazing for me as a Thunder fan, that I wanted to post about it, just to preserve it in writing for myself. :)

After the game finally ended, and I had finally laid down in my bed to go to sleep, I got this tweet from my friend and fellow Thunder fan, Kristie: "@Abi_Ruth they get home in an hour... Ihop, airport, five hour energies to get us through tomorrow?"
And just like that, I was up out of bed, getting dressed, and off to the airport.

There were around forty or so awesome people who were at the airport to show our support to our team as they arrived back in OKC. It was about 3:30am as they all trudged off the plane. Kevin Durant, our team leader and all-around fantastic guy, led the way across the parking lot to the chain link fence where we were all gathered. One by one, the players all walked down the fence, slapping hands and giving and receiving love. Love from their fans and their city.

{Kevin Durant, making his way over to us, his fans. - photo by me}

I love this team and our players for what they stand for, for their high morals and good attitudes. Yes, even Perk, who usually wears a perma-scowl, seems to be a big softie at heart if you read much about him. {But please, don't tell that to Z-Bo or anyone of our upcoming opponents.} And as the last player to approach the fence last night, Perkins smiled {yes, he actually smiled} and promised in his thick Beaumont, TX, accent, that "We gon' bring a title to y'all."

Yay for our team, for our city, and for this great group of young guys who are doing what they love and doing it in a classy way. And yay for me, for finally understanding what it means to be a true fan of a sports team.

This post is for me. :)

Some crappy but awesome phone video footage of last night:
and one posted by Thunder player Nate Robinson:
and a news story where you can see a glimpse of me sporting my Harden shirt:

A good night and good times. Awesome. I love this team.


  1. I think this might be my favorite photo of yours so far. Love this post.

  2. I FREAKING LOVE THAT PHOTO!! ABI... I LOVE THAT PHOTO!! your awesome! ahhh, and i love the fact your a thunder fan!! i feel like im in oklahoma being about to cheer for the thunder thru your tweets! i love it.. awesome photo abi.. kick booty girlfriend

  3. So PROUD of our win again last night! Thoroughly enjoyed the videos, I got chills, and I saw you on the news feature, how cool is that!? THUNDER UP girl cause Perk gonna bring us a title! :)

  4. I heard about this and thought it was so awesome and thoughtful for the fans to do! I'm jealous I didn't think of it ;) But I'm so proud that others did, how great of a feeling the players must have felt to see the support! Love the photo!


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