Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thundergirls in our thunderwear

My first thought when I wrote the above title was, "I bet some people will be pretty let down when they see what this post actually contains." And that makes me laugh.

My second thought was to apologize for my fanatical ways when it comes to the OKC Thunder and our players. But then I think, "This is my blog. I can post whatever I want." Right...? :)

So, here we go. Let me tell you stuff and show you pictures.

There is a very cool store in town called Tree & Leaf Clothing. They have awesome screen printed t's. I randomly stop in there, but recently my friend Lauren posted a link on my Facebook page to a James Harden shirt that Tree & Leaf makes.

That same day, I stopped by and picked one up for myself - gotta represent for my BeardFriend! ;) I also got a "Hustle Westbrook" tee for my friend Kristie and a "Perk" shirt for my friend Brandie. {Remember, these are the girls who I attend games with.} Well, it turned out Brandie already owned the Perk shirt {me and my awesome memory forgot that she had texted me a pic of herself wearing it}. But anyway, we decided we had to take some pix showing our love for our guys.

So, we all met up at Pink Swirls, another fave place of mine here in OKC. And we took a few pix. Fun stuff. :)


{me, rep'n for my boy James Harden, #13}

{B, rep'n for her guy Kendrick Perkins, #5}

{K, rep'n for her boy Russell Westbrook, #0}


Now, here's the best part of this post. It's a fun story. Earlier today, just a bit ago, I tweeted the pic of me in my Harden shirt to Harden on Twitter. And get this: HE REPLIED TO ME, saying "I like that shirt"! :) This is a huge deal, folks. I love Twitter! I love that the invisible wall between us "normal" people and the big time peeps out there is knocked down just a bit by social media. Of course, I realize that has it can be good or bad, as referenced in this article. But today, for me, as I received a reply from my favorite NBA player of all time {yep, it's true}, social media was my friend! :)

Now, today will be the best day ever if we win our playoff series against the Denver Nuggets tonight!


  1. I am let down because I'm indeed not part of the click ;P

  2. So cute!!

  3. Interestingly enough... I found "Thunder girls in Thunderwear" a bit differently here...

  4. This was way before I met y'all.. so I ain't mad... you ladies are friggin' awesome.


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