Monday, April 11, 2011

a cool shower

A few weeks ago, right before I took a week's vacation to Georgia, I made the hour and a half drive to Tulsa, OK, to attend the wedding shower for my close friend Kevin and his bride-to-be, the beautiful Melissa. Kevin and I became good friends when he attended the photography school where I attended and taught. It is impossible to meet Kevin without liking him immensely. He is fun and goofy and free-spirited and kind. And Melissa is the perfect girl for him. She is a total sweetheart!

To be honest, I generally hate strongly dislike any type of shower, aside from the ones that take place behind a curtain for the purpose of washing one's body. Over the past ten to fifteen years, baby showers and wedding showers have become events that I avoid whenever possible. Awkward conversations plus awkward games plus awkward questions about my single status equals my least favorite feeling to experience: awkwardness.

However, I had faith that Kevin and Melissa's wedding shower would be different. For one thing, it was for Kevin and Melissa, after all -- two of the coolest people I've ever met. And for another thing, it was being held in a bar where Kevin bartends. Also, one of the hosts of the shower was the fabulous Stephanie, all-around cool chick and blogger over at Walks With Roxy.

So, I was actually looking forward to this shower, and even marked it on my calendar so as not to schedule anything else that afternoon. And I was not disappointed. The shower was relaxed and fun, with good food, fun people, and nice conversation. Here are some photos I took there.

{the gorgeous couple}


{fabulous Steph, at the chip and salsa station :)}



{isn't she beautiful? check out those legs! :)}


{shower hosts and the couple}





I'm glad I thought to get a pic with Kevin and with Melissa. I am sometimes bad about remembering to do this.



Here's a quick note for any of my family and friends who might have the chore pleasure of planning any sort of shower for me in the future: no games necessary {but hula hoops are okay :)}, please invite only the coolest and most fun people ;), and beer is always a welcome addition.



  1. This post includes quite some beautiful people! :) And trust me, you will have some fabulous showers planned when that time comes around, fo sho!

  2. so i finally tracked down this post! LOL!! so awesome!!


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