Friday, April 15, 2011

fashion chatter...fab nails

I first heard of these rad nail strips by Sally Hansen when I was hanging out with Kylie, the cooler-than-cool fourteen year old girl I mentor. You can always count on a high school aged girl to keep you up to date on the current beauty department trends. She picked up some awesome nail strips one night when we were hanging out, but I never remembered to ask her how she liked them.

Then, my beautiful friend Bre sported some super sparkly nails during our recent vacation {which I still need to blog about!}, and she informed me that they were also nail strips.

{Here's Bre at The Varsity in ATL on the first day of our trip.}

{And here are her nails, looking just as fab five days later!}

When I saw this post by Joanna, that clinched it, and I decided that I must try the nail strips soon!

{via A Cup of Jo}

Have any of you tried them yet? I can't wait to...I just don't know how I'll ever choose which design to sport! Too bad they don't have a Thunder design I could rock during playoffs... ;)


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  1. OMG!! So cool!! I haven't seen these. I need them right now!!! ;)


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