Thursday, November 11, 2010

not just a day that the banks are closed

To the veterans:  THANK YOU!!!

And to you, the citizens of this nation:  If you can, if you are able to today, please wrap your arms tight around a veteran and thank them.

I hesitated to post this photo, but I want to make it real to you.  This is an image of a mother wiping away tears after her son earned his Green Beret.  The tears are tears of pride and joy and also fear.  This is an image of a son smiling after embracing his mother.  He slight smile is meant to reassure her.  He has completed the most difficult training and is ready to serve.  This is an image of a Special Forces soldier on his graduation day.  This is my mom.  This is my brother.

jack sf 093

My brother Jack went on to serve on two deployments.  On two missions as a Green Beret medic, he fought and he healed and he administered care to countless people.  He made a difference in this world.  He also never came home from his second deployment. 

Thousands of men and women are willingly serving and have served in our military.  Please, remember them.  Thank them.  Pray for them and their families.  Not just on Veterans Day, but every day.



  1. Wow Abi- SO many tears reading this...what a moving story/picture. Such a sweet memory! Im so thankful and proud of your brother's service!

  2. Oh wow. I got chills. Well written and great photo. Thank you to your family.

  3. WOW, powerful! Thank You for sharing


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